April '20

Pilots take off!

With the world in lockdown because of the COVID-19, and virtually all aircrafts grounded, OLYMPUS pilots are taking off.

As we are rolling out the first versions of the Mobile Driver's Licence (mDL) and Credit File pilots, we have just released implementation details on D6.2 First pilots deployment and initial evaluation.

Keep safe, stay home (if you can) and give it a read.

New book supported by Olympus

The new book Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things: Challenges and Solutions (ISBN 978-1-64368-053-8) has just been published.

This book supported by the OLYMPUS project presents 10 papers that emerged from the researches of the Horizon 2020 programme in the area of security, privacy and identity management. They address a wide cross-section of projects ranging from secure management of personal data and specific challenges of IoT with respect to the GDPR, through access control within a highly dynamic IoT environment and increasing trust with distributed ledger technologies, to new cryptographic approaches as a counter-measure for side-channel attacks and the vulnerabilities of digital systems.

March '20

Road ahead

We’re halfway!

Today we enter the 2nd half of the project.

Over the last 18 months we’ve been busy with laying down the fundamental building blocks of OLYMPUS, in support of a privacy aware identity management ecosystem that further protects personal information of citizens.

A lot of research was carried out on the innovative cryptographic techniques, with many articles being published on reference journals. Early on, we’ve planned the requirements. Lately, we’ve been fine tuning the architecture of OLYMPUS and started with implementations. In the meanwhile, OLYMPUS has been spreading the word in international conferences and participating in standardization activities.

Have a look at the Publications and Deliverables section of the website and stay tuned for the upcoming results.

WG10 meeting Orland (FL, US)

Standards track

From 2 to 4 March, Olympus partners Multicert and Scytales participated in the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 WG 10 meeting held in Orlando (Florida, US).

The team onsite provided an update about the progress of Olympus in relation to the “Day 2 features” under discussion of the mobile driving licence.

Online Service Concept: Legal Advice on the Metallic Keyboard Background. Online Service Concept with Blue Enter Keypad on the Modern Keyboard: Legal Advice. 3D Illustration.

Virtual Advisory Board meeting

On March 11th the consortium held a virtual meeting with the Advisory Board to update on the latest progress of the project, hear feedback about the results so far and seek guidance for further opportunities of exploitation on the results.

It was a very fruitful session with mindful exchange of ideas and challenges. We would like to thank the distinct members of our Advisory Board for their time and insights.

February '20

Journal Sensors

Olympus paper published in Journal Sensors 2020

The paper The OLYMPUS Architecture — Oblivious Identity Management for Private User-Friendly Services has been published in Journal Sensors as part of the Special Issue Selected Papers, from the 3rd Global IoT Summit (GIoTS).

The original paper presented by Olympus in GIoTS 2019 has been further extended and improved for publishing and can be found online here or the at Journal Sensors 2020, Volume 20, Issue 3, 945.

January '20

PESTO cryptographic protocol

New research cryptographic papers published

Resulting from the work in Olympus, two new research papers were published describing the innovative cryptographic techniques.

The first paper PESTO improves upon the work of PASTA and proposes a distributed Single Sign On (SSO) protocol with proactive and adaptive security, guaranteeing security as long as not all servers are compromised at the same time.

The second paper Short Threshold Dynamic Group Signatures describes a new construction relying on pairing-based Pointcheval–Sanders(PS) signature scheme, which yields very short group signatures of two first-group elements and three exponents.

These protocols support the cryptographic design of the Olympus privacy and user-friendly Identify Providers described in D4.1.

Consortium meeting in Zurich

The Olympus partners met in Zurich (Switzerland) for a new consortium meeting. We had an hands on the last project developments, further discussions on technical integrations and a global review of the work ahead.

Despite the cold weather of Zurich, the consortium is working at full steam!

December '19

Olympus at ISO meeting in Sapporo, Japan

Within the scope of the standardization activities of WP7, the concepts and use cases of Olympus were presented on December 9th in the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 WG10 meeting held in Sapporo, Japan.

Amongst the 25-over worldwide technical experts, the topic raised big interest and discussions for possible inclusion as a Day 2 feature of the mobile Driver License (mDL), to further enhance data minimization and support a broader range of business scenarios.

Open Access Government

Olympus featured at Open Access Government

The last edition of the digital publication Open Access Government has included an article about Olympus.

It is available online here.

October '19

D4.1 released

The Olympus deliverable D4.1 “Cryptographic Design of an Oblivious IdM System” has been published and available for download under the Dissemination section. It defines the main cryptographic approaches and techniques used as the baseline for the oblivious IdM system.

For this, we introduce a novel building block called Distributed Partially-Oblivious Pseudorandom Function(dpOPRF) allowing us to verify passwords in Single Sign-On requests in a distributed manner. We also demonstrate an efficient dpOPRF construction that we believe is of broader interest. We further show how distributed issuance of credentials can be realized efficiently, using a new multi-signature variant of Pointcheval and Sanders signatures which allows n signers to separately compute a joint short signature on the same message.

September '19

Consortium meeting

The consortium will meet up in Tallinn on the 16th - 17th of September. The meeting is hosted by Scytales and will be the 4th project meeting.

eID Forum 2019

Participation at the eID Forum

The consortium will attend the eID forum conference held in Tallinn on the 17th - 18th of September.

August '19

IFIP Summerschool

The consortium will be presenting at the IFIP summerschool in Brugg, Switzerland. The presentation will present the initial problem of the project and discuss the applicability of the use cases.


mDL interoperability

Multicert and Scytales will be present at the mDL interoperability event in Omaha. The event allows producers and other stakeholders in mDL technology to verify their products are interoperable.

June '19

Global IoT Summit and IoT week

The University of Murcia and the Alexandra Institute was present at the joint GIoTS and IoT week conference in Denmark.

Paper published at GIoTS

The paper "OLYMPUS: towards Oblivious identitY Management for Private and User-friendly Services" has been accepted by GIoTS and is part of the proceedings.

It is available online here.

May '19

Eurocrypt 2019

Presented paper at Eurocrypt 2019

The paper (R)CCA Secure Updatable Encryption with Integrity Protection was presented at Eurocrypt 2019.

Aarhus meeting

Consortium meeting

The consortium held its 3rd project meeting in Aarhus on the 8th - 9th of May.

February '19

Olympus Madrid meeting

Consortium meeting Madrid

Workshop meeting in Madrid, at Logalty office, to establish an oblivious identity management framework that ensures secure and privacy-friendly virtual identity management interactions for citizens accessing services in Europe.

October '18

Kick-off meeting F2F Murcia

Consortium partners University of Murcia (ES), IBM Research Zurich (CH), Alexandra Institute (DK), Logaly (ES), Multicert (PT) and Syctales (SE) have gathered together face-to-face in Murcia to kick-off the H2020 R&D project Olympus.

We are set to develop new and innovative ways to provide privacy, yet user-friendly online services.

September '18


Introducing Olympus at the eID Conference

On September 27th, the project Olympus had an early introduction at the eID Conference 2018, held in Lisbon (PT).

The goals of the project were presented within the context of the upcoming Mobile Drivers License ISO 18013-5 standard.