Mobile Driving Licence (mDL) use case

The Mobile Driving Licence (mDL) use case is designed for situations where secure face-to-face identification using an official identity document is required. For example, age verification in a shop or nationality checking when crossing a border.

The objective of this use case is to demonstrate minimal and selective disclosure of personal information based on international standards like ICAO 9303 (e-Passport), and ISO 18013 (Driver’s License), taking into consideration in particular the ISO 18013 part 5 under development for the mDL.

Within OLYMPUS, we want to demonstrate the use case of a citizen willing to buy a restricted good or service (for example, a bottle of wine), using the mobile Driver License (mDL) ‑ an electronic version of an ID document in the citizen’s smartphone. Instead of disclosing the full dataset of the mDL, the user provides the appropriate information about age, making proof that he or she is older or younger than a certain age.

Based on ISO 18013-5 we focus on the interface between:

  1. The mDL holder (e.g. driver or citizen) and the mDL verifier (e.g. merchant or officer) and

  2. The mDL verifier and the Issuing Authority (IA) that can be considered to hold the primary registry of mDL holder’s information.

For the moment, the approach is designed to support attended cases. That is, verification should be made by an individual verifier and not an unattended system.

Please notice, the interconnection between mDL holder and the IA is not, and will not be, governed by this standard. This interconnection includes the enrolment mDL process such as vetting, establishing trust and provide access to the mDL holder and his/her mobile phone.

Depending on the IA’s decision, an mDL may be available offline only or alternatively may also be online. Offline means that both the mDL holder and the mDL verifier are not connected to the IA through any network.

In ISO 18013-5 online assumes connectivity between the mDL Verifier and the IA of the holder’s mDL. All IAs worldwide that are following the standard should be available for access by any mDL Verifier without any pre-registration. In the Online case the mDL holder might also be connected to his/her IA (not any IA worldwide).

You may find the full workflow detailed in deliverable D6.1 Use cases description.

Watch here a video of the Olympus demonstrator!